Canal Zone and Panama articles in Mekeel's Stamp Weekly 1910-1921

by David Zemer

Around 2006 I was fortunate in having a week to read through the Mekeel's Stamp Weekly at the Western Philatelic Library. My interest was in the ABNCo stamps of the Canal Zone and Panama 1909-1921. Instead of trying to take notes or photocopies of articles of interest to me at that time I thought it safer to photocopy every page mentioning the Canal Zone or Panama.

I (much) later scanned all those pages in pdf format so I could have them available electronically no matter where I was. I have tried to run the pdf files with Optical Character Reader software but each time my computer got hung up so for now you will have to skim through the pages for keywords.

There are a lot of interesting tidbits and perhaps a few gems of information scattered in these 10-12 years and these might be of help to anyone researching these two philatelic entities during that time period.

In July 2019 while preparing these files for uploading to the CZSG website I Googled Mekeel's and was delighted to find that Google Books had the following years, complete I think, online, free to everyone, and in searchable pdf:

1903, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1921, and 1922.

Sometimes it is a bit of a problem to find these online, so I have copied the links, just copy and paste each into your internet browser. If additional years are discovered online, please let me and our webmaster know.

To read them click onto the red "READ EBOOK" box. The search function using the Ctrl and letter "F" keys works very well.

I also discovered that I could not access a free digital book while in Norway but by using a vpn to link an internet service provider from the USA I could.

I also found that in order to save a downloaded copy I needed to "print" the file to "DocuCom pdf driver" but other drivers probably work as well. You then are able to save a rather large file. For example the 1903 volume is 565 pages and fills up 29 mb of space.

Mekeel's Stamp Weekly online in Google Books

Mekeel's Stamp Weekly scanned by David Zeemer