Canal Zone Study Group Publications
Back Issues of the CZSG Journal
  1. CZSG Philatelic Notes (Whole Nos. 1-5) $ 3.00

  2. The Canal Zone Philatelist (Whole Nos. 6 to most recent issue) Each $1.25
Handbooks and Special Publications
  1. (1953) Canal Zone Third Series Counterfeits, DeVoss; A Canal Zone Rarity (Scott No. 40a) Conger $3.00 (22pp)

  2. (1953) Canal Zone Booklets, DeVoss; A Unique Canal Zone Error (Scott No. 31a), Conger $3.00 (22pp)

  3. (1955) Canal Zone First Issue on Cover, Weiler; Canal Zone Essays and Proofs, Brett $3.00 (27pp)

  4. (1976) Type III Mount Hope Local Overprints (Scott Nos. 46-48), Philler; The Hamilton Bank Note Issue of 1906-07, DeVoss; The 3c Stuart Washington, Milburn $ 3.00 (27pp) (Also see Handbook 15)

  5. (1982) The Postal Markings of the Canal Zone, Larson Entwistle; Supplements (1984) and (1987) Out of Print and replaced by handbook #9

  6. (1986) SPECIAL PUBLICATION -- Canal Zone Stamps, Plass Brewster, Salz - hardbound, with 681 illustrations $65.00 (364pp) (Out of Print and no longer available through the CZSG)

    REPRINT of above book: Price is $55, coil bound, with additional basic stamps illustrated in color, map and list of Canal Zone post offices, plus updated 2016 check list of stamps and postal stationery.

  7. (1987) Catalogue of Cristobal Precancels, including SRC dated, Larson Entwistle $ 2.00 (8pp)

  8. (1990) U.S. Navy Slogan Cancels in the Canal Zone and Panama Area, 1908-1941, Robert J. Karrer and Roger A. Wentworth $ 4.00 (46pp) (Out of Print and replaced by Handbook 14)

  9. (1991) The U.S.F. Constitution Cachets and Cancellations of the 1932 and 1934 Transits of the Panama Canal, Roger A. Wentworth and Robert J. Karrer, Jr. $4.00 (45pp)

  10. (1992) The Postal Markings of the Canal Zone, 2nd Edition, Larson Entwistle $19.00 (328pp)

  11. (1995) Canal Zone Post Office Openings and Closings Commemorative Covers 1927-1979, Robert J. Karrer $7.00 (87pp)

  12. (1997) Philatelic Announcement Cards of the Canal Zone Postal Service, Cary Finder $4.00 (42pp)

  13. (1997) Canal Zone Siderography, William T. Moore $ 4.00 (30pp)

  14. (1999) SRC Control-Dated Canal Zone Stamps, Jerry Craig $ 4.00 (26pp)

  15. (2001) SPECIAL PUBLICATION -- The Panama Canal Story, Ireson; CD of philatelic exhibit ($10)

  16. (2002) U.S. Navy Slogan Cancels in the Canal Zone and Panama Area, 1908-1948, 2nd Edition by Robert J. Karrer, Jr. $8.00 (106pp)

  17. (2008) Type III Overprint Issues of the Canal Zone, Tom Brougham $10.00 (42 pp)

Also of interest but available ONLY through the United Postal Stationery Society, P. O. Box 3982, Chester, VA 23831 is: (2009) Canal Zone Postal Stationery, Irwin J. Gibbs, Editor . $20 + $5P&H (63 pp) (PLEASE do not order this publication from the CZSG. We don't have it.)

Most of the above publications are available from:
CZSG Publication Office
c/o Len Nadybal
P. O. Box 1901
Herndon, VA 20172