Canal Zone Study Group Online Documents

These Online Documents makes available documents that are considered important to Canal Zone philately that are hard, if not impossible, to find. Feel free to download these documents and print them out if you wish.

  1. The 1931 "Stamps Of The Canal Zone" (PDF 3MB) By WM Evans. M. D. is a specialistic study of the stamps of a dependency of the United States in which there has ever benn a large measure of philatelic interest.

  2. The 1931 "Coveleski Estate Sale" (PDF 3MB) catalogue with prices realized in manuscript. It has Coveleski's Canal Zone and Panama material which includes some of the more important items that he bought to the US after retirement as a Canal Zone policeman. It is a "must" document to have for anyone exhibiting or researching early Canal Zone or Panama stamps and covers.

  3. The The Story of Canal Zone Stamps (PDF 13MB) by Dade and Schay. Ralph Weil has done a remarkable job and converted Geoffrey Brewster's personal copy of the Dade-Schay manuscript into searchable text, updated the Scott Numbers to those used today, and embedded color images of stamps and stationery. Some of the original manuscript, usually hand written tables and drawings, is included in the pdf file as images. The copy that we scanned was the Brewster photocopy of the Plass version so any notes that appear to be photocopied are from Plass but clearer notes are by Brewster. The original scan required 262 mb of space but the Weil version is only 13 mb. Because of the large size of the original scanned manuscript, we have not put it on to our website but if you are interested obtaining a copy please contact David Zeemer and I will invite you to join my "dropbox" where you can download it.

  4. In another labor of love McNabb's Adhesive Postage Stamps of the United States and its Colonies - Canal Zone by George C. McNabb (PDF 8MB) has also been converted to a searchable pdf document by Ralph Weil. Ralph has again embedded color copies of most of the stamps into the manuscript and updated the Scott numbers to the present system. The original paper copy came courtesy of Richard Spielberg who worked with Ralph on transcribing it. Richard remembers that he got it from David Leeds or Dick Salz. The amount of detail McNabb took into account when analyzing overprints will be appreciated by every student of the early Canal Zone stamps.