2020 Biographies
  • Dick Bates (Richard D. Bates, Jr.)

    Past Occupations: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor - Department of Chemistry, Georgetown University Currently: Retired, Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University and Research Associate - Smithsonian National Postal Museum Stamp collector since 1960; Canal Zone collector since 1968 CZSG member and Life member American Philatelic Society

    Previous positions held in the Canal Zone Study Group
    • Vice-President - 8 years - 1982-1988
    • President - 6 years - 1988-1995
    • Editor - The Canal Zone Philatelist - 2007-2019

  • Alex Traxler

    Born at Gorgas Hospital in the Canal Zone. My dad was in the US Army and my mom was Panamanian. I got started collecting stamps when I was in elementary school a friend started a postal chain game, where you get a list of people to send letters to.

    My main collecting interests are Canal Zone & US stamps. For CZ, besides single stamps, I collect FDCs and Last Day of Operation covers. My US collection contains items mainly from the 1930's to the 1970's and FDCs and covers with a connection to Texas (where I live) or Alaska (where I work). Besides these 2 countries, I also have an interest in stamps related to Malaria and have a small collection.

    I'm a member of CZSG, American Philatelic Society and Malaria Philatelists International. My background and training is in Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) and I also have an MBA with a concentration in Finance. I have worked for most of my career in the Oil and Gas sector.

    I have been a volunteer with the Houston Rodeo and the Texas Amateur Emergency Communicators (TEAC). I served as the TEAC Vice-President for one year and President for 3 years. My focus with TEAC was to grow the club by seeking a relationship with the local community college and bringing younger students into the Amateur Radio world.

    I've been married to my wife Suely for 31 years and have 2 daughters in their early 20's.

  • Gary B. Weiss

    A life long stamp collector who began collecting at age 3. I narrowed my focus to US stamps when I received my first National Album at age 10. By 1971 my focus had narrowed to US possessions. I moved to San Francisco, met Dick Salz & other California CZ collectors and joined the CZSG. In 1976 I moved to Texas where I met Gil Plass. Exhibiting and writing led to an increased role in the CZSG where I have been on the Board of Directors and have been an Editor of the CZP.

    I continue to represent the CZSG and support CZ philately:
    • Attending many stamp shows where I have given presentations on CZ stamps and assembled exhibits on a variety of CZ issues and topics
    • Contributing information to the Scott Catalog,
    • Expertise CZ stamps

    I am interested in all aspects of the CZ and have exhibited the following areas of CZ philately: Official stamps, early FDCs, Postage Dues, 8c Map Stamps, 115-116, 142-145 having done research and authored articles on these topics. I also collect CZ license plates. In my spare time I'm a medical oncologist caring for patients, researching cancer and educating.

  • Richard Spielberg

    I Have been have been a CZSG member and collecting Canal Zone philately for 50 yrs.

    As a beginning stamp collector, I looked for a country to specialize in, which had an abundant of varieties / errors and the U.S. Canal Zone met my needs. I developed an extensive knowledge of this subject and have built specialized collection.

    I have been the past Editor of the Canal Zone Philatelist. In 2015 I edited and updated the CZSG Check List of Canal Zone Stamps and Postal Stationery originally published in 1986 as part of the book Canal Zone Stamps, by Plass, Brewster and Salz.

  • Richard F. Larkin

    Occupation: CPA with BDO USA, LLP in McLean, Virginia, specializing in accounting for not-for-profit organizations
    Currently: Semi-Retired
    Past: Price Waterhouse, San Francisco & Washington D.C.
    Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University
    Peace Corps - Ethiopia 1966-1968

    Stamp collector since 1950s; Canal Zone collector since 1970s
    Collector of booklet panes, booklet covers, booklet stamps on cover - US and its possessions (Canal Zone, Cuba, Philippines)
    CZSG member; member United States Stamp Society; American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors; American Philatelic Society
    Exhibited nationally (several gold, 1 reserve grand, one grand), and internationally (2 vermeil, 2 large vermeil)
    Position held in the Canal Zone Study Group: Treasurer 1982-2020
    Other interests: Genealogy, Choral singing, Astronomy, Newspapers

  • David Zemer

    General Background related to the Canal Zone - I grew up in Balboa, Canal Zone as a 4th generation Zonian and great-grandson of a Roosevelt Medal recipient. I collected marbles, stamps, baseball cards, coins and just about anything boys collected in those days including a genuine Spanish cannon ball.

    Philatelic background - I came back to collecting stamps in the early 1980's and joined the CZSG after seeing an advertisement for it in the "Canal Record" the publication of the Panama Canal Society. In 2003 David Leeds, also another ex-Zonian, asked me to run for President of the CZSG which I did and I have served in this capacity since 2004.

    I had focused on Canal Zone stamps until the ABNCo Archive sale by Christie's in 1990. At that sale I was able to acquire some of the ABNCo production files of the Panama stamps that, for the most part, had been overprinted for the Canal Zone. This has led to 30 years of research into the Panama stamps that formed the basis of the early Canal Zone stamps and I publish my findings regularly in relevant philatelic publications including the Canal Zone Philatelist. 25 years after the sale I was able to acquire five linear feet of the correspondence between Panama and the ABNCo which gave me enough material to work with for the next 30 years.

    Professional life - Bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering, master's degree mechanical engineering. Worked at several aircraft manufacturers in Germany and the United States and then started a consulting company. Now retired.

  • Juan Riera

    I have been a stamp collector for forty years and have had a great interest in the Panama Canal Zone since childhood because my great grandfather was the representative of Cuba in 1914 at a opening ceremony of some kind, doing research on that currently.

    During my doctoral program I did considerable coursework on the canal as it was a possible topic for my dissertation and was quite fortunate to lead a tour group of about 150 on a cruise that transited the canal about five years ago.

    Philatelically I have been interested in Canal related airmail: SCADTA and Pan Am, airmail flights between south Florida and the canal zone, and related items. I have recently had two articles in the Canal Zone Philatelist, 13 articles in the Florida Postal History Journal, a number in the Cuban philatelist, among others. I also serve as vice president of the Florida Postal History Society and historian of the American Air Mail Society.